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        1. 質保登記


          Mattress care instructions that can help preserve warranty rights


          ? Do use a supportive, rigid, non-yielding foundation. An old foundation unit may not provide sufficient support. Your mattress may become sagged if a non-supportive foundation is used.

          ? Do use a foundation that can fully support the centre, front, end, and sides of the mattress.

          ? Do use a quilted protector pad on your mattress at all times to avoid stains.

          ? Do use store the mattress flat in storage unit.

          DO NOT :

          ? Do not remove the white law label or the model name label. These labels serve as a means of identification to establish your warranty rights.

          ? Do not bend or fold, stand or jump on the mattress as damage can occur.

          ? Do not use cleaning fluids on your mattress; it may damage some of the materials.

          ? Do not store the mattress in upright position.


          ? 選用結構穩固耐用的床架。舊床架如不能支撐床墊重量,可引致床墊下陷變形。

          ? 床架中間位置、前、后及兩側均需具足夠承托能力。

          ? 配置床墊保護套,以免床墊受污損。

          ? 床墊存放和使用時需水平放置。

          ? 忌:

          ? 請勿移除床墊上的產品標簽及標志,以便日后進行質保服務時用于識別。

          ? 請勿折疊或扭曲床墊,亦不可在床墊上站立或跳躍。

          ? 請勿使用一般家用清潔劑洗刷床墊,因其可能破壞部分床墊物料。

          ? 請勿將床墊豎立放置。



          ( All personal data provided below are subject to the willingness of customers. Information collected by Simmons ? is exclusively for the purposes of warranty registration, marketing analysis and promotions.All information collected will be kept strictly condential. )