The Women’s March 2018 was powerful to participate in. It was necessary. It was relevant. It was exactly what we needed as the misogyny in this world and in the Trump administration is a powerful force that must be met with resistance. The patriarchy is force to be toppled. A force that I refuse to tolerate. Many women and men refuse to tolerate it. January 20, 2018 is a moment in history to be remembered. Last year was fantastic but the fact that the message has not lost much steam is a sign of amazing progress. Over 100,000 people are said to have shown up at the New York City for the march. This is what happened…..

There is strong responsibility for white women and men to acknowledge our privilege. It’s easier to be white than any other race. If you’re white, say that to yourself, take your advantages and do something good with them. The wage gap is a serious problem and the 20% wage gap is strictly for white women. For black women it’s twice as severe. Also, infant mortality rates are three times as high for black women as compared to white women. The injustices against WOC are horrifying. They deserve better.

What does “F*ck like a Feminist” mean? Allow me to explain: I refuse to accept a society that thinks dating/sex is all about male pleasure. This is what Aziz and so many other men do, they care about their own sexual goals with little regard to what their partner wants. This is where he went wrong. He did not ask himself if the encounter was reciprocal. He just went after what he wanted. This is the root of the issue. Whether in consensual relationships or violent encounters the notion that a man’s desires are all that matter is in fact the entire issue and needs to be addressed. The emphasis on male pleasure that society places on us is destructive. Dudes, if it’s all about you, it’s wrong! Period!
#MeToo isn’t just about exposing rapists. It’s about exposing the whole Damn patriarchy and the notion that men (and what they want) somehow matter more.

That the fault lays with women is a typical narrative. If it’s our job to speak up and be more clear then I counter with: we do, we have, we will. But many times it doesn’t work. Many times the word “No” is disregarded. Many times we fear to reject men cause it feels scary or dangerous. Many times our words are not heard. We have been intimidated and shamed from the youngest ages. No more.

Men dominate almost all industries. They dominate the film and television industry. More than 95% of films are directed by men. Men telling women’s stories, men telling the stories of how they want women to behave. The film and television industry is primarily the male perspective. This is unfair. If women are half of society then why aren’t we able to tell our own stories? Go to a museum and see how many female artists are hanging on the walls. Did you know The Louvre has over 3000 painting but only FIVE females artists hang on its walls? We must have a stronger voice in the arts. We must represent ourselves! We will fight for this.

  If a man has a lot of sex he’s a “Bachelor” and if a woman has a lot of sex she’s a “Whore”. The Madonna-Whore complex is very destructive to women. Studies show that people feel less empathy for women who wear revealing clothes. The scarlet letter is not ours. It belongs to the men who choose to judge us based on our appearance. It is not our job to cover up to prevent misogyny. It is a man’s job to treat women with respect.

More women behind the scenes in arts and entertainment would be great. Also more women in business, media and tech. But even more important is needing more women on the bench. The legal system is by men and for men. Punishment for crimes against women is appalling. Rapist often spend less time in jail than those in possession of pot. There needs to be harsher punishment (and by “harsher” I mean “proper”) for sexual assault, rape, and domestic violence. More female representation in The legal system will help create a society where a rapist’s only punishment isn’t losing his job. Vote for this. Advocate for it. Women care about women. A female judge wouldn’t have sentenced Brock Turner to 6 months. #TimesUp 

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