By and far the best part of the LES is the street art. In the city, if you want to find great public art the Lower East Side is the place to be. Street Artists have made this their playground for years. I’ve always thought of the LES as a sort of “Outdoor Museum” because a number of high caliber artists make their mark on the brick walls and windows on almost every block. Most of these pieces get tagged or are otherwise covered within less than a year so there is always something new to admire which just adds to variety of this great neighborhood. The Lower East Side is so artistic and colorful it is easy to overlook the grim. Overall there is a nice balance of beauty and grit. The street art here is the best in New York. And considering the epic street art through Brooklyn and the Bushwick area, this is a big statement. The spirit of random creative art has not been lost despite the fact that the area has been somewhat sanitized over the years. All-in-all The Lower East Side is quintessential New York, a neighborhood of great diversity, interesting history and a fantastic and unique aesthetic.

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