New York is filled with museums, galleries, exhibitions, street art, public art, art fairs and numerous other venues in which to display what’s new (and old) on the art scene. But, one fun and very rare way to see the latest works in the New York art world is the “Open Studio”. Artists opening their private work space to the public to show not just what they’ve created but also, how and where they’ve created it. Much to my pleasure Bushwick has an annual open studios event. Bushwick is a rather arty community and many of these studios are within a block of each other or even in the very same building. And on one block alone I found a haven of art so impressive to me I couldn’t help but snap away! I found an abundance of interesting pieces this year at the 2017 Bushwick Opens Studios. Have a gander!

Bobby Hill

Jaclyn Brown

David Hollier

CJ Rosenthal

Heidi Elbers

Aliza Morell

Masaya Nakayama

Gary Fernandez



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