The New Q train in Manhattan is a real wonder to explore. The city is slowly but surely losing its reputation for having the world’s dirtiest metro system. Google New York City trains from a few decades ago and you’ll really understand how far they’ve come. Once underground entrances to hell they are now becoming underground museums. The 86th Street stop at 2nd Avenue may be the best example as it features pieces by the incomparable Chuck Close.

Close is the modern master of the human face. His talent is palpable and his fame is well deserved. He is synonymous with photorealism (when paintings are so vivid they look like photographs). His works are in the top museums and usually will be a center piece that everyone flocks to and stares at wondering if they are looking a photograph or a painting. Now his works are part of the underground museum (aka the subway) in New York City and people still can’t help but stop and stare. At the 86th Street Q stop he includes mosaic work to repertoire in a series of portraits that stun. Some are realist and others abstract but all of them are masterpieces.

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