I fancy myself a sharp traveler. With just myself and my camera I’ve seen some amazing places. If you’re looking for the best spots in Europe to travel then you may want to take the advice of someone who has extensively traveled country after country, has weeded through the good and bad, and can tell you where you’re better off buying your next plane ticket to. Let’s start in the land of chocolate!

10- Brussels, Belgium

When it comes to European travel Brussels has never made the biggest mark on anyone’s map. However this is one relatively untapped cultural goldmine in Western Europe that should be essential for outsiders venturing near France or Holland. This city probably has one of the best art scenes in Europe (click HERE to see what I mean), epic architecture and plazas, beautifully manicured streets and public parks and of course chocolate! Brussels is a must!

Points of interest: Musee de Beaux Arts and Chocopolis

9- Isle of Anglesey, Wales

Most people have never even heard of Isle of Anglesey. After all, it is an obscure little region of coastal Wales with a tiny little population. However, the natural beauty of this region of the U.K. is exquisite. The rocky coastline and the soft hills inland are a must for nature lovers. Hiking here is beautiful and even in winter it retains its greenery. It’s just a hop skip and a jump from Liverpool by train or a two hour ferry from Dublin. This is really an undiscovered gem.

8- Cascais, Portugal

If you’re looking for paradise on earth then you need look no further than Cascais, Portugal. Just a half hour away by train from the capital this little town has everything you could ask for. The warm waters are inviting and hilly terrain of the coast line are picture perfect. Cascais is a hidden gem of southern Europe with everything to offer.

7- Sintra, Portugal

Speaking of Portugal, the little town of Sintra is another amazing travel destination! Climbing to the top of the 1400ft high Moorish Castle in Sintra is breathtaking and should be a must when exploring the Iberian peninsula. This whole town is filled with castles and palaces. You’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time. Sintra is a stunner.

For more photos of Sintra click HERE

6- Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is like an eccentric family member that you can’t get enough of. Always awake, drunk, and full of stories. If you want the social experience of boisterous pubs and good conversation then Dublin has everything you want. Although if you’re more of a nerd (like me) then you’ll be amazed at the number of world class museums the city holds. This is probably one of the top cities in the world for museums (The National Gallery, The Museum of Natural History and The Archeology Museum just to name a few). Other points of interest like Phoenix Park and walks along The River Liffey make Dublin a city of great variety.

Points of interest: The Phoenix Park Tea Room, The Sweetest Thing Chocolate Shop, Trinity College

Click HERE to see more on Dublin.

5- Rome, Italy

You haven’t really lived until you’ve explored Italy. The Italian capitol of Rome is a great place to start. People don’t really need much convincing that any major Italian city is probably one of the best travel destinations in the world. The reason Rome is so special is because it has a little bit of everything. Beautiful churches and cathedrals, food that will turn you into a glutton, stunning ancient ruins of the old world, and scenic views along the Tiber. You simply won’t be able to put your camera down.

Points of interest: The Roman Forum, Aventine Hill

4- Paris, France

Any European travel list simply must contain Paris! There’s a reason Paris is idealized across the globe; It’s amazing! Standing under the Tour Eiffel at night time is mesmerizing. Sipping coffee at a local cafe and people watching is better than going to any movie. The botanic gardens, the museums, the boat rides on The Seine. And don’t let any misconception about the supposed bad attitudes Parisians have deter you from visiting cause it’s a lie. The people of Paris are warm and laid back. Paris is meant to be experienced by all. It is one of the greatest cities in the world.

Points of interest: Montmartre Museum and Luxembourg Gardens

For a photo tour of Paris click HERE

3- Barcelona, Spain

What is most striking about Barcelona (other than perfect weather, colorful streets, amazing seafood and gorgeous beaches) is it’s level of kookiness. The cool public art and unmistakable architecture (like that of Gaudi) make it one of the most unique spots in Europe. This city is very in tune with mother nature and it isn’t afraid to show it’s avant garde side. If you’re looking for something more on the alternative side, Barcelona is an amazing experience

Points of interest: Port Vell, La Sagrada Familia, The Olympic Stadium

2- Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Lisbon, Lisbon! A city that stole my heart! Where to start! Lisbon has warm weather, fun shopping, cable cars, food to make your mouth water, and great museums. The streets are covered in amazing street art. It’s almost like the whole city is an outdoor museum. Climbing up sharp hilly city streets to find yourself on a public patio giving panoramic views hundreds of meters above the city is breathtaking. Everywhere you stop in Lisbon could be shot and made into a post card. Lisbon isn’t always on the euro-travel radar the way Paris is, but it should be! Once word gets out about Lisbon, it’ll be one of the most popular travel destinations in the world… Quote me on that!

Points of interest: Castelo de Sao Jorge, Belem, MUDE, Avenue de Liberdade

Check out more of Portugal by clicking HERE

1- Amsterdam, Netherlands

I know I’ve expressed my deep love for Amsterdam in blog posts in the past but I can’t help but continuously sing its praises. I could see myself living here. I think anybody could after they’ve visited. I was amazed at how friendly the people were. There is a strong sense of community and respect which isn’t typical of such large cities. Canals weave throughout the streets making every block picturesque. Biking and boating rather than busy traffic makes the streets even more beautiful and a cultural obsession with flowers (particularly tulips) brighten an already beautiful city. Suffice it to say, Amsterdam is where you want to be.

Points of interest: Kitsch Kitchen, Tulip Museum, Puccini Bomboni Chocolates

For more photos of Amsterdam click HERE


(Can’t wait to show you what 2017 will be like)




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