Amsterdam is one hell of a city. My love for Amsterdam is immense. Walking along the picturesque canals never gets old. This city is just so aesthetically pleasing it’s hard to believe it’s even real. It actually seems more like a fairly tale kingdom. On top of the great architecture and canals there is amazing public art. There is everything from classic sculpture, avant-garde, renaissance replicas and gritty street art. The wide variety of styles makes the art even better. The streets of Amsterdam are an art lovers dream.



The Rijksmuseum Inside and Out

Outside of the Rijksmuseum there is an epic sculptural garden. Joan Miro’s amazing abstract pieces have been displayed here among this amazing Neo-Gothic museum. There are always new sculptural pieces rotating through this garden every season. And there is always something incredible to admire. The garden contains many classical statues of the human body and all its glory but has a nice balance with alternative and abstract pieces. The Kaws sculpture (the gigantic toy mice in the opening photo) was one of the coolest pieces to exhibit at the Rijksmuseum.  This garden always has amazing artistic displays. The museum is not too shabby either. In fact, it’s one of the world’s best! Inside and out The Rijksmuseum is a gem. It’s also close to the Diamond Museum Amsterdam and the Van Gogh Museum. The area is called “Museumplein”, or Museum District and the surrounding neighborhood is called “Museumkwartier” which means, you guessed it, Museum Quarter.




The Dutch have a long history of impressive art. From world acclaimed golden age paintings (like those of Rembrandt) to De Stijl modern art (Mondrian being the most famous example) to post-impressionist mastery (of which Van Gogh would be the leader). These world renowned works of art are often replicated on the streets and in public seating areas and outdoor cafes. This certainly adds to the time-warp feeling you’ll get while visiting the city. Amsterdam hasn’t lost touch with its roots. And considering its roots are the likes of Van Gogh, why would they?

Amsterdam is truly one of the world’s greatest cities. This culture is unlike any other and these streets have a level of sophistication and uniqueness that you can’t help but admire. The streets themselves are works of art in Amsterdam so every turn and every corner is beyond beautiful.

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